• Winthrop Harbor School District #1

    District Vision and Indicators of Success


    District Vision

    Our vision is to create an exemplary school district which is acknowledged for enthusiastic, engaged learners on the board of education, in the administrative offices, and in teaching and learning in all classrooms. The school district envisioned is characterized by a challenging, innovative learning environment.


    The school district we envision:

    -   Is characterized by a challenging, innovative learning environment.

    -   Creates 21st century collaborative global learners.

    -   Nurtures intelligent risk-taking and bold experimentation.

    -   Is truly accountable both educationally and fiscally.

    -   Capitalizes on change.

    -   Works with the community to provide a comprehensive education. 


    Indicators of Success

    Successful Learning

    -   Everyone will be learning at high levels.

    -   Intelligent risk taking is encouraged.


    Quality Programs

    -   The curriculum and the educational practices will be a model of “best practice” known for dynamic comprehensive content, innovative methods of delivery, and emphasis on active learning.


    Use of Technology

    -   Technology is completely integrated and a seamless part of everyone’s learning.


    Responsible Resource Management

    -   Schools will be a responsible steward of fiscal and physical resources and will secure and allocate adequate resources to support its programs.


    Community Support

    -   The community will be well informed, involved, and supportive of district activities.


    Global Learning Communities

    -   Everyone will take advantage of opportunities to develop and learn from global relationships