Participating in athletics is a privilege that comes with great responsibility.  The students represent not only themselves but also the school itself.  They are student athletes, with the emphasis on student coming first.  With that being said, the following are the requirements of a student-athlete in order to participate or try out in their desired sport:
  • The student-athlete must come to tryouts with an up to date physical (physical must be less than one year old).  A student can not try out without a physical.  If your child is in need of a physical, please click the following link:
  • Physical Information
  • A sports and transportation fee must be paid by the parent meeting for that sport.  The fee for all sports is $50. If the student does not make the team, the money will be returned.
  • Students must maintain above a 70% in each class. If the student-athlete is ineligible three times throughout the season, the student will not be allowed to participate in the sport. 
  • The student-athlete must represent the conduct expected of a representative of the school.  The expectations of conduct and consequences are stated in the handbook below.
  • Finally, all paperwork from the handout below must be turned in in order to participate.  The papers required are the sports permission slip, code of conduct, and concussion form.  These papers are handed out to those students who make the team at the athletic parent information night.  There is no need to bring any of these papers to tryouts.