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Developmental Screenings for Children Birth to 5 years old 

 Developmental screenings can tell you if your child is having any difficulties with:
Hearing/Vision     Speech/Language     Problem Solving
Social Skills     Fine/Gross Motor     Listening/Attending

 Developmental Screening Sites 

Winthrop Harbor School District            Lake County Health Department 
For Residents of the District                     Child & Family Connections #2
Contact: Michele Barkley                          English: (847) 377-8931
(847) 872-5438                                         Spanish: (847) 377-8932
Hours: M-F by Appointment 

A global, developmental screening takes a quick look at all areas of a child’s development: motor, language, cognitive, social-emotional and adaptive skills. The results of the screening compare the child to other children of the same age in each area of development. If a concern is identified on the screening, the evaluator may recommend that the child go through a more in-depth assessment, called an evaluation, to see if a true developmental delay exists.  

 Resources for Parents 
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