• Winthrop Harbor Education Enrichment

    The Winthrop harbor Education Enrichment Fund (WHEEF) was established in 2013 with the vision to provide unique educational opportunities to enable staff and students to reach their greatest potential through diverse programs and experiences. The WHEEF operates as a designated fund of the Lake County Community Foundation.  The Community Foundation operates under strict laws and guidelines established by the IRS and has been incorporated, and its bylaws approved, by the state of Illinois. Donations to the WHEEF are tax deductible. 
    Annually, Winthrop Harbor teachers can apply for grants for innovative projects and ideas for their classrooms.  
    Revenue for the WHEFF is generated through the annual vacation raffle, through VIGEO membership and new this year, through a Foundation Sponsor Spotlight Wall at Westfield School.  
    Support the fund by purchasing a leaf, boulder, gold, silver or bronze sponsor level.  Sponsorship form can be found here.  
    Each vacation raffle ticket costs $100. Two thirds of the proceeds go toward funding the prizes and one third goes toward building the foundation fund. Vigeo membership provides money for you and the foundation.  Shop at local businesses and a percentage of the sale goes to you and the foundation.  All donations made to the Spotlight wall are deposited in the fund.
    The foundation fund principal continues to build year after year via donations and the annual vacation raffle, tand the accrued interest is used to provide creative grants to teachers. Since the fund’s principal is never touched, it will permanently provide grants to our teachers, more and more as the principal grows!

    If you’d like to purchase a vacation raffle ticket, become a Vigeo member or be a Spotlight Sponsor,  please click on the links below or contact the Winthrop Harbor district office at (847) 731-3085, or e-mail Grayson Gilbert at ggilbert@whsd1.org

    Raffle Pamphlet: http://goo.gl/DRfsWF