ART Club 
    Art club is open to all 5th -8th grade students   The cost of the club is $25.00 per session.  
    Pick up a calendar from Mrs. Trimmer.
    Students will be working with a variety of materials, a small material fee will be charged for each project.  The fee will need to be paid before students start the next project.   Students, please remember to take your projects home!! I have many unclaimed projects from past years.  
    We will meet at 2:22-3:45 in the art room
    First Session: November: 2, 6,7,14,16,27,28 December: 4,7,12,14, 21
    Second Session: January: 18, 22, 29,30, February: 6, 8, 12,15, 20,26,28  March: 6