• The Winthrop Harbor Village Board approved the 2015/16 Snow and Ice Control Manual as recommended by Public Works. New for this season is a sidewalk plow/snow blower route for the area considered the “Westfield School Zone”. To do this, the village has equipped their skid steer with a 6’ wide snow blower this season.

    The goal is to provide a safe walking area for everyone and hope to keep them from walking in the streets. The route will include both sides of Shields and Ellis from 9th to 10th St and then Russell and Holdridge from 9th to 8th Street. They will also be completing the south side of 9th Street from Shields to Ellis. The policy is to complete this route when snowfall reaches 4” or more. Additionally, they will be plowing the walking path around 38 acres park and the west side of the pond to allow for kids to get from one side of the park to the other, possibly going toward North Prairie.