•  Ms. Alley

    Ms. Alley
    6th/8th Math Teacher
    North Prairie Junior High


    Who is Ms. Alley?

    Hello, my name is Ms. Alley. I have been teaching middle school mathematics for 4 years and I am currently the 6th and 8th grade mathematics teacher at North Prairie Junior High. I am a Cyclone and Zee Bee alumni and earned my teaching degree at Illinois State University. 

    I strongly believe in the life - long learner and that all students can and will succeed. My instruction is tailored to fit the needs of the students and utilizes real - world applications. In addition to being an instructor, I am also the 8th grade girl's volleyball coach.

    Go Cyclones!


    What Should You Expect?

    In class we are utilizing an exploratory curriculum in which the students work in cooperative groups to complete investigations. These investigations provide students with real - world scenerios with hands - on activities.

    The grade breakdown is as follows:

    Homework = 30%
    Participation = 30%
    Test/Quizzes = 40%

    Homework is to be expected daily. All assignments are posted and can be accessed in Google Classroom. Homework turned in on Google Classroom will not be accepted. Homework must be turned in to the classroom teacher, in pencil with all work shown.

    In my classroom I utilize Remind to contact parents/guardians and remind students of assignments and school events. The use of the application is the best way to reach me. Alerts are frequent. Please ensure that you and/or your student have unlimited texting before selecting the texting option. If you would like to receive alerts please see the attached  Remind documents for the class you or your student is in. If you are a parent and would like access to Google Classroom be on the lookout for a parent/guardian access email. To access your or your student's grade please utlize Teacher Ease

    Below are several documents you are encouraged to review. These documents have all the important information you will need such as directions for Remind, list of expectations, classroom procedures, grade breakdown, and so much more!



    Remind is an application that allows teachers and parents or teachers and students to communicate safely. These messages come via email or text messages. Have a homework question? Need clarification on your student's grade? Use Remind! For more information please visit www.remind.com

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