• Winthrop Harbor School District is located in northeast Illinois. We are next to Lake Michigan and the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Our school district contains two schools, Westfield (PreK-Fourth Grade) and North Prairie (Fifth-Eighth Grade), which feed into Zion-Benton Township High School.
    Westfield School
    2309 - 9th Street 
     Winthrop Harbor, IL  60096
    Fax: 847-746-1477
    Summer Poepping, Principal 
    North Prairie Jr. High
    500 North Avenue
    Winthrop Harbor, IL  60096
    Fax: 847-731-3152
    Carrie Nottingham, Principal 
    District Office
    500 North Avenue
    Winthrop Harbor, IL  60096
    Fax: 847-731-3156
    Jeffery McCartney, Superintendent 

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