• This week’s tip is an extension called “Share to Classroom”. If you have ever struggled to get all your students to the same webpage this extension is a life saver.  Share to Classroom allows teachers to "push out" a webpage to all of the students in your Google Classroom.  

    Go here (or the chrome web store and search “Share to Classroom) to download the extension. Students at North Prairie have already added the extension during computer class, all teachers need to do is download the extension to their chrome account.  Once you have the green and white icon in the upper right of your chrome screen you simply go to the webpage you want to share, click on the icon, choose the google classroom, and click on Push.  In about 10 seconds the webpage will appear in a new tab on all the students' screens.  This can be done with chromebooks or in the lab if they are logged into their google account. Here is a video that shows you the whole process. If you have any trouble just ask me for help.