• Winthrop Harbor School District #1

    Mission, Vision, and Goals



    Mission Statement

    Winthrop Harbor School District #1 is the foundation for confident, productive, life-long learners.


    We Believe In


    Social Responsibility

    Quality Learning Opportunities

    Highly Effective Staff

    A Safe Learning Environment

    Individualized Learning

    Life-Long Learning

    Fiscal Responsibility


    Community Involvement

    Fostering Positive Relationships


    Vision and Goals


    All Students Will Succeed 

    All students will reach their academic potential.

    All students are respectful and responsible learners.


    Provide a Premier Learning Environment for the Community

    Provide safe, clean, and adaptable facilities that support quality learning.


    Provide the Services and Resources for Educational Excellence While Pursuing the Most Fiscally Responsible Avenue for Taxpayers

    Prioritize needed resources and services, analyze finances, and create a multi-year budget to address them.


    Foster Community Awareness and Involvement in the District

    Utilize multiple platforms to inform and involve the community.


    Provide Relevant Curriculum, Programs, and Services, Designed and Implemented with Expertise, to Meet the Needs of All Learners

    Curriculum, programs, and services, will be current, innovative, and rigorous, and allow students to take an active role in their education.