District Letter to Parents 9-1-2020


Yesterday morning, we were notified that a staff member at North Prairie Junior High had tested positive for COVID-19. Protocol for an issue like this is to immediately contact the Lake County Health Department. Administration spent the better part of the day understanding the difference between close contact, minimal contact, and no contact for those who might have been exposed to this staff member.
Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA, confidentiality prohibits us from identifying this staff member to the general public. We can say that this individual did take part in the materials distribution last week, but the health department would consider this contact to be very minimal due to the time actually spent in contact with others. The health department also stated that because the time spent handing out materials was so minimal there would be no contact tracing necessary for any student or parent that came in close proximity to this staff member.
North Prairie staff members were then identified based on the contact with this individual and recommendations by the health department were to quarantine those individuals for 14 days. Because this is an isolated incident and our primary focus is on the junior high and not the elementary, Westfield may stay open to working staff and support staff until further notice.
The district will continue to work hand in hand with the health department to ensure the safety of all of our staff. If you have questions regarding COVID and/or testing, please visit the health departments web site at: https://www.lakecountyil.gov/4377/Coronavirus-Disease-2019-COVID-19
As we navigate through this first week of remote instruction we realize that there will be issues arising between students and homebound instructors, as well as the technology used by all. We will still do our best to ensure we are providing high quality instruction and anticipate things will go smoother in a few weeks.
As always, it’s important we continue to work together and support our students, families, and staff. Thanks again.
Jeffrey McCartney