District Letter to Parents 9-26-2020


Wednesday evening the board of education was presented information regarding the current positivity rates from our state, county, and the Village of Winthrop Harbor (As provided by figures found on the IDHP website https://www.dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics?regionID=1).  The discussion was primarily centered on when or if we should begin our phase in process, as was discussed prior to the start of the school year.

The board of education understands the strains remote learning has on students, teachers, and families.  Having the students in school is everyone’s goal and we are doing our best to provide the best possible education during this pandemic.  Student and staff safety has been and will continue to be the primary emphasis on bringing students back for face-to-face learning.

We have all heard of schools that have opened only to close days or weeks later due to positive outbreaks.  Rushing to open school at the risk of having children or staff come into contact and test positive does not fit with the board’s philosophy at this time.

The board has decided to continue with remote learning through the month of October and will address the phase in process at their next regular board meeting on 10-28-20.  By taking such action we believe that we will maintain a more consistent learning environment and not cause hardships by opening and closing when staff or students test positive.

As you know the Winthrop Harbor School District is small in comparison to other area districts. We do not currently have the staffing that would be able to handle the multiple forms of instruction that larger districts can provide students.  We will continue to facilitate remote learning and hope we can move back to face-to-face instruction in the near future.


Calendar Change:

There will be a change in the calendar for Parent/Teacher Conferences only.  Originally P/T Conferences were scheduled for October 1st and will be moved to Thursday October 29th.  This means October 1st will be an instructional day for students and staff.  October 29th will then be a non-instructional day for students and staff will conduct P/T Conferences from 12 to 8pm.


We will update the calendar on our website as soon as possible.


Registration Fees:

The board also took action waiving registration fees and chrome book insurance fees for the 2020-2021 school year.  More information will come out Monday as to how the district will proceed with reimbursing families that have already paid their fees for the year.

As always, it’s important we continue to work together and support our students, families, and staff. Thanks again. 



Jeffrey McCartney