District Letter to Parents - 1/8/2021

Wednesday night the board engaged in a lengthy discussion regarding when, or if, we should begin to look at bringing students back for face-to-face instruction. Currently we are in Phase I, which is 100% remote learning for all students in the district. As the metrics begin to drop in our state/county we have identified the potential to begin Phase II of reentry. We currently do not have timelines for Phases III-VI, but we will communicate that timeline when it becomes available. For those families that would like to continue remote instruction during the phase in process, we are looking into a hybrid plan to address those needs as well.
The board has targeted Tuesday, February 16th as the Phase II process for bringing students back to school. This phase currently includes all PreK students in the building Monday through Friday, Learning Opportunity Students in the building Monday through Friday (The district will contact these families and guardians directly prior to the start of Phase II), and face-to-face with some related services. This plan will be reviewed by the districts reentry committee and may include adjustments prior to finalizing the plan with the board of education.
Please be aware that the 16th is our “Target” date and it is not written in stone at this time. We plan to monitor the numbers over the next three weeks and have another discussion with the board at their regular board meeting Wednesday the 27th. If the metrics are continuing the downward trend we plan on putting the pieces in place for a Phase II reentry. If the metrics trend opposite and upward the board may want to push phase II to a later date. Student and staff safety continues to be the number one priority for the board and we do not want to put individuals in a position where they may contract or spread the virus.
Food Distribution:
We will continue to distribute food on Monday’s including January 18th, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, at our normal time. We are hoping to offer families more support for food being this is a non-instructional day. If you cannot make it on Monday, we will be distributing food on Tuesday from 1-2pm.
As always, it’s important we continue to work together and support our students, families, and staff. Thanks again.
Jeffrey McCartney